Svetlana Petrova


Sveta Petrova's costumes.


The main dignity of the L.E.M. theatre is its original costumes, the creator of which is a philosophical faculty graduate - Sveta Petrova. She changed philosophy stated in concepts for another one expressed in objects and forms. Sveta has her own, individual, very pronounced style. A costume is created according to the poetic metaphor: there's a combination of objects and forms that can not be combined as well as materials incompatible with human body. This is how different things are created: stockings of drain-pipes, bra of an accordion, pettycoatt skirt of a loud-speaker.


Transformation of costume.

Costume lives not only in space, but also in time, absolutely unexpected transformation happens with it: a real cat appears from under a puffed crinoline of the skirt-cage, cogs appear out of ballet skirt in a form of a gramophone record and it transforms into a circular saw. By pressing the certain button the corset-typewriter gives out a cigarette, a mirror, a lipstick, a wine-glass in turn - a real secretary costume!


Function and technology.

Practicality of clothes, as the main merit of the modern fashion, is led to its logical end, in other words, to absurd. For example, it is very convenient to walk with a lady, wearing a dress-cupboard and shoes-chairs: you can sit down on the chair on your way, pull a bottle of vodka and a glass out of the cupboard"
Sveta Petrova skillfully uses the dynamic of human body, that is natural while walking or dancing, and she transforms this dynamic into the mechanic of moving parts of costumes. For example, hands, stroking model's buttocks, or lamps on the soles of shoes, which light the way at night when you raise your feet. In future - projects of a new millennium: costumes with the use of computerized technologies.


Costumes - objects.

This is a special feature of the L.E.M. theatre. Sveta finds correspondences between functional details of the most common things and parts of human body. Every object can be seen now from an absolutely different side: humanized, funny and tempting. It might be both the girl-divan, transforming into a huge mouth, or the lady-packet of cigarettes, or Cupido Condom who became a simbole of the cult St.Petersburg gay-club "69".


Interaction with public

As its functionality implies, some costumes are created to be used by the public. As, for exemle, the plump and sweet woman-cake, a jubilee gift to Bryan Ferry or Cupido Condom with the drinks pouring from his stop-cock, or girl-vodka-bar, or mobile-phone-girl, or: Generosity of the creator has no limits.



Refuse to be serious is a serious life choice. The irony in the taste of the german romanticism of Hoffman; all beings refuse to be solid, and disclose the eternal smile of the creator in turning in their opposites. Like strict black dresses of the nuns demonstrate the décolletés on their asses caressed by mechanic devices.


The audience and the press are delighted with such a rich fantasy, unbelievable variety and with surrealism eroticism of her costumes. Russian and foreign firms order Svetlana original costumes for their advertising campaigns.